Special interests and big polluters have made weakening environmental protections a priority, spending millions trying to influence our legislators. Our lawmakers responded by rolling back environmental safeguards, benefitting polluters at the expense of people’s health and safety.


From gutting funding for our environmental agencies and removing citizens from oversight commissions; pushing reckless fracking; allowing the destruction of intermittent streams; exempting isolated wetlands from regulation;  and allowing more pollution in Jordan Lake, our legislators have failed to protect our water quality.

Risking our clean energy economy

NC legislators and the McCrory administration have repeatedly attempted to hobble NC's solar and renewable energy industry. We need to continue to invest in the success and jobs created by clean renewable energy, not attack a homegrown NC industry that is helping boost rural economies and generate clean energy.

Weakening Air Protections

North Carolina legislators have continuously chipped away at air quality protections over the past few years. Just last year, they significantly reduced the number of state air quality monitors, reduced public access to information regarding air pollution in their neighborhood, repealed a state rule that limits heavy duty truck idling, and allowed the open burning of agricultural plastics without an open burning permit.